How To – Add Products / Variations

Select My Account and log in with your details, if you do not yet have login details, you will need to register. To be able to obtain access to our Shop, and your own store, you will need to have an approved business listing on our Craft Directory first.

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Dashboard page of your store. With a menu on the left. If you have not yet set up your store, then you will be guided through a step by step wizard. Please note, you do not have to enter in all details for your store to be working, the percentage bar that appears does not affect whether or not people can purchase from your store.

To see your products or add a new product, select Products from the menu on the left.

To add just a one off product, select Simple Product and continue on from there with filling out the details on the page. If you have the same product available in a variety of colours, backgrounds, gems, beads etc. Then select Variable Product and continue with the following steps.

When you have filled out the details and find yourself at the bottom of the page, you’ll see something like this. Select Attributes from the small menu to the left and at this stage, there is an option of colours or backgrounds, both list a variety of colours, if you are after different colours or names, you can select Add and follow the steps to create a new Attribute.

Next, select Variable and from the drop down menu select Create Variations from All Attributes, select OK and wait a moment as it reloads the page to look like the image below.

On the right there is a blue arrow pointing downward, once you click on it, you will see this for each of the Attributes you selected. Fill in all you can, select the product image and don’t forget to enter in the weight, it is important when it comes to postage costs. Also be sure to select Manage Stock, it will allow you to enter in how many items you have in that colour and let shoppers know how many are available. Once completed, click Submit for the product to then be available in your store.


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