Sharing the Handmade Community Online

Sharing the Handmade Community Online

I’m hoping to share with you in this post, a little about what has been taking place in some of the handmade communities all around Australia. These are groups, guilds and community events that many people no longer participate in or know about due to busy lives or even due to lost skills. By lost skills I mean, back before the internet and computers, before mass produced items. People had to make items themselves, by hand. Chairs and tables were carved with care out of wood. Blankets were knitted or crocheted by hand maybe by the lady down the end of your street. Doilies were created at home thanks to your Mum or Grandma. While patchwork quilts were worked on once or twice a week with a group of friends. As for a wedding dress, that too was often made at home with help from your Mum and maybe even your Grandma. Cut and stitched with care and hours of work went into the beautiful embroidery.

Guilds and groups are keeping these handmade skills alive and I believe they deserve recognition for the work they do. Not only do they create beautiful items, but often they are sold or raffled off and proceeds go back into the community, to charities, to help get batter medical treatment in the town, money raised is sometimes given to the needy or perhaps a family that lost their house in terrible circumstances etc. Often they donate items, to victims of bushfires or floods, or even to the local Salvation Army or Red Cross. By sharing the handmade community online, I hope to open your eyes a little to these quiet angels all around Australia.

Wrap up of October

At the start of October, the Seaside Heritage Quilters held their 2016 Exhibition ‘Bed Quilts, Art Quilts’, it opened from October 1st to October 3rd. Admission to view the beautiful quilts was free and they had a large range of sale items, plus demonstrations along with workshop experiments and raffles. Where did the proceeds go? Back into the community of course, to the ‘Can Assist – Manning Valley’ which is a branch of the Cancer Assistance Network.

Orroroo Quilters held ‘A Quilters Cupboard’ quilt display from October 20th to the 23rd, there was a beautiful quilt being raffled off with proceeds going to local charities. There was also the Saturday market taking place along with Vintage cars and Miss Marple’s Tea rooms, perfect for lunch and refreshments.

The Broughton Rainbow Quilters held their 2016 exhibition on the 1st and 2nd of October, the exhibition included Lyn of Quilters Quarters, Rosehall Quilts of Whyalla, Kadina Craft and also Country Hart – Port Pirie. The admission price of $5 included morning/afternoon tea, with children’s admission free. Of course there was also a quilt raffled off and the proceeds went to the Port Broughton District Hospital and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Still to come in October

Taking place from October 29th to 30th, the Wagga Wagga Group of Embroiderers Guild present to you Trip(S)tych ‘Appreciated Together’ Entry is $5 with children’s admission free.

If it wasn’t for the generosity of many of the groups and guilds all around Australia, charities would be doing it tougher, people on or below the low income line would struggle more and the world would be less colourful without these creative people. If you believe handmade items are more expensive than mass produced factory items, you would be right. But when you take into account what goes into making these one-of-a-kind items, you’ll realise the quality is far superior than factory made. You are helping not just a small business but your own community, plus, your item is one of a kind. You’re not going to see someone else with the exact same quilt, item of clothing, leather handbag etc.

So why not get involved in your community, search out local community events in your town and go along and see what they are all about. You never know, you might just win the raffle and take home a gorgeous handmade quilt to wrap around you on a cold night.


~ Sarah

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