Research BEFORE You Spend

Research BEFORE You Spend.

We all like to find a bargain but sometimes we just don’t have our thinking caps on when we click that little ‘pay now’ button. Either because we are in a rush, too tired to think straight or we just haven’t sat down and thought about what we’re getting ourselves into. So I thought to write this post to break it all down a bit for you and help you when it comes to a little marketing for smaller businesses.

Paid marketing is a big thing and many larger companies take full advantage of it. They have the money to compete to have their advertisements shown in the best location at the prime time. Just like television, shows compete to be on at the prime viewing time, as do the commercials you sit and watch. When you’re at the grocery store, what do you see on the shelves at eye level? All the big branded products, why? Because eye level is generally where people will look, and they want you to be looking at their products. Where are all the cheaper brands? Often they are below eye level.

See to have a paid advertisement on a social media site is like advertising in a huge newspaper. If you can only afford $50 for an advertisement, you’re not going to get a whole lot compared to a big company that can afford to pay a few hundred $$ for a full page, in colour advertisement. So instead, make what money you have count, make it go further and see just what you can get for your money. There are a few things that you yourself can do to help that money go further.

  1. Make your presence known, have a website and be active on social media sites, interact with customers, potential customers and you’ll soon see a crowd of followers forming.
  2. If you are unable to afford your own website yet, don’t feel bad or as though this puts you at a disadvantage, make the most of social media sites.
  3. Research, research and more research. Write down a price you can afford (stick to it, you don’t need to go broke) and see who can offer you the most in terms of advertising, and remember to read the fine print.
  4. Network with other businesses, directories, handmade pages etc. Pages that are relevant to your business and be active on those pages.
  5. Putting your website or business on a relevant directory helps a lot. With social media sites, your page is out there for anyone and everyone to see. On a directory, they do the work for you and reach out to, and also bring in a target audience that your business falls into.
  6. Attend markets where possible, you don’t have to go to every market in your area every weekend. Start with one and see how it feels, if you bring in a lot of customers then it might be a good idea to stay with that market.
  7. The best thing you can do is write down a plan, start with small and basic, what you can afford. Set yourself a target and when you achieve it, celebrate, have a special. Then work towards the next goal, your goals should be achievable, if you make the goals too big, you put yourself off achieving them.

Possibly the biggest thing is to not give up on yourself or your business, we all run into hard times but as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you and your business will continue to move forwards.





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