Progress, however slow and small it may be, leads you to success.

Progress, however slow and small it may be, leads you to success.

I have discovered that this is something which, you can’t put a time limit on, it will happen provided you remain focussed and determined. This is where my trusty ‘To Do’ list comes into play again. Every week I start off with a page full of things to work through, anything that I miss one day, I carry on to the next. Often though, I am adding little things to the list daily and there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get through them all. If you find that you are the same, then read on. 

The trick I’ve found is to set yourself a goal, one that isn’t overwhelming like 30 things on your ‘To Do’ list. If you do, however, have 30 things on your list or some ridiculous number, I have a trick for you. Grab a nice coloured pen and put a star next to 5 of those things you would like to do, whether they be the 5 most important, 5 most enjoyable or a mix of both. Then cross them off once you have achieved them. The aim is to make the list look less daunting, if you have a list of 30 things to do, you’re going to look at it and feel the motivation drain from you and you’ll achieve next to nothing, if you instead pick 5 things to do, often you’ll find you’ve achieved them well before you expected and you can then pick another couple to cross off of the list.

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February was a slow month but it was also quite successful in terms of the Squnches Craft Network website. A new theme has been put on the website which has given it a more professional appearance than the previous one. A new page has also been added titled ‘Exhibitions’ which showcases exhibitions taking place all over Australia, though at the moment it only has a few, it is still growing and hopefully will include exhibitions from every state. Stay tuned and if you know of upcoming exhibitions you would like shared, send through an email and we’ll be happy to include it.

To see if we are on the right track with our website so far, we’ve included a Feedback form which we invite everyone to use. We’d love to hear your views on the website, even if you have something to grumble about. Telling us about things to grumble about help us to improve the website, so please don’t feel bad about telling us what you don’t like about the website.

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Along with the Feedback form, we also welcome testimonials, this section isn’t just for businesses who list with us but also those who use our website to find out about exhibitions, businesses, markets and anything else. We’d love to share your review and hope to build a bigger and better website over time.




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