One Foot Infront of The Other

Some days fly along at great speed and are extremely productive, and then you get days where productivity just doesn’t seem to want to happen, no matter how many cups of tea you might have. I tend to look at those days as a weekend, I look at my list, make sure I have at least the basics covered for the day and then take about half the day off.

Now you might think ‘well it’s alright for you, you run a basic little business from home’ or perhaps ‘it’s ok for you, all you do is sit in front of a computer all day’. What you might not know is I also work a paid day job, although at this time of the year it is very quiet, I am still active on Facebook and other social sites on weekends, often taking note of markets and events that are being advertised. I am always writing down notes and brain storming, you should be too. With how quick the world is changing, in particular the world of fashion, nobody can afford to relax too much. Having said that, everyone can afford to give themselves a day or half a day off, especially when productivity just isn’t flowing. Loving your job is one thing, but you should never let is take over your life, especially from family and friends.

Squnches Craft Network is forever growing and expanding. Our planned update on all listed markets is set to finish ahead of schedule, something I am quite proud of. A new section which is rapidly expanding is something featuring on every page of the website, a slide show of ‘One Time Events/Exhibitions’. These are exhibitions and events that would otherwise be lost in the huge list of events (there are close to 400 events listed on the Events page) so we thought a better way to show you these upcoming Exhibitions was with a slideshow. We hope you like it.

With our advertising attempts, we seem to be slipping a little on our Google ranking so we are working hard to correct that and get back on the front page of Google, we’ve done it before and we are confident of being able to achieve this wonderful goal again.


P.S We also still have our special on for the entire month of February where you can list your business FREE for 1 month.


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