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Hi everyone,

While the internet was unavailable in my area for roughly two weeks, it gave me time to think about the website and what direction it’s heading in. I’ve wanted to make it the best one out there in terms of handmade and having everything right there on one website, from a directory, to markets, events and even an online shop. Now with the Guilds and Groups page well under way, I’ve put some thought into a couple more areas that can be included in the website.

The first idea is to have a small slideshow on the front page for upcoming events, not markets as there is already a list for them on the side and they have their own page, I’m talking about events that happen maybe once a year, things like exhibitions for quilts, art, a charity event to raise funds for someone in the community. These little events, while some I’ve listed on the Event page, just aren’t being found on the list on the Home page, they are lost in the massive list of markets. So to make them more easily found, I’ll be giving them their own slide show above the list of markets so that they are more easily found, after all, they are something that only happens maybe once a year or even once every two years.

Secondly, we all make wonderful handmade items and artists are no exception. Though it can be tough for an artist to bring along all their beautiful paintings and sketches to a market to sell, owing to the wind, weather and just a small stall. So to help out artists and to keep people up to date with where art can be viewed and purchased, I’ll be setting up a new page to list galleries all around Australia AND all upcoming exhibitions will also feature in the events slideshow on the front page.

Now I know you’re sitting there thinking ‘but that picture is going to be too small to read, how am I going to know the details?’ I will include a link in the picture. All you’ll need to do is click the picture, it will then enlarge on the screen and there will be a link you can then click that will take you to where the event details are clearly visible.

Sound good so far? Great! I’m excited to get started.



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