Winter Showcase – Catalogue

Welcome to our very first showcase, bringing together some wonderful handmade products by talented Aussies. The theme, as you can probably guess, is Winter. So all of the items in this showcase have a link to Winter, whether they are items that are often seen or worn during Winter to keep warm, Winter images, jewellery with a Winter feel about them through snowflakes, skiing etc.

If you are interested in taking part in this showcase as a business, you will need to list your business on our Craft Directory, once approved, you’ll gain access to our shop where you can set up your own store and upload products for the showcase.

Each item in the Winter Showcase will receive a Snowflake image to indicate that the earliest anyone can purchase this product is when the Winter Showcase opens. Product images will also be shown here on a catalogue for all to browse, each image will include a link to browsing and purchasing the product in our online shop also.

After the Winter Showcase has ended, provided businesses still have active listings on our Craft Directory. Products will still be available for purchase, only the Snowflake image will be removed.

This Showcase will open on June 7th at the following times:

Western Australia at 9:30am

South Australia & Northern Territory at 11am

Qld, ACT, Vic, NSW, Tas at 11:30am

The Winter Showcase will close on June 13th at the following times:

Western Australia 6:30pm

South Australia & Northern Territory at 8pm

Qld, ACT, Vic, NSW, Tas at 8:30pm

Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy a browse of our catalogue. If you find an item you want to know more about, you can click on the link or image and you will be taken to that item listed in our shop. All items that are taking place in our Winter Showcase will feature a snowflake and will NOT be available for purchase until the showcase opens.

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