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Who out there doesn’t want to at least save a bit of time and money? We are all looking for a bargain in some way or another, some people want money back in their own pocket, while others want more time to do what they enjoy.

I regularly compare Squnches Craft Network to other online craft directories and directories in general just so I know what the standard is and to be sure I am giving you a bargain. I am happy to say that through hard work, Squnches Craft Network is still on the front page of Google and bringing in quite a few views every day thanks to Google, there are also views coming in from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

The other area I am also consciously checking and comparing Squnches Craft Network with is price. While we were the only business directory to offer month by month listing, it appears others have now taken the same approach, though their prices are not as competitive, month by month payment is a wonderful option to have. We all have tougher months than others where the finances just aren’t stretching like we hoped they would. The difference now is that while some opt for the Gold, Silver, Bronze or even Platinum, Gold, Silver approach to listing, Squnches Craft Network remains one of the rare few to offer all listing goodies at the same price. That means, whatever goodies you would get if you paid for Platinum, you also get if you pay for Silver, there is no separation, and the cost is the same, just $5 per month. From time to time there are competitions held where businesses can win a free listing and there are also times where listings are free for a certain period, just another reason to keep an eye on what we are up to.

Now many others will have a higher listing price and the reasons are varied, some will ask a higher price to cover the cost of a web designer who has put together the website and still needs to be paid, others want to make a decent income from their website while there are a few out there who have instead, created the website from their own skills and qualifications and have opted to keep prices lower so as to help others who are just starting out with their business, to get on their feet and succeed.

While many handmade businesses opt to sell their items on sites such as Etsy and, Squnches Craft Network doesn’t prohibit this, we actually promote your shop in your business profile and also offer an online shop where people who view your business listing in the directory, can also then take a look at what you have in the shop they can purchase. The whole aim for Squnches Craft Network is for the website to be the place to be for all Australian handmade businesses, where you can search for local markets and events, view the directory and also sell your handmade goodies. The benefit of our online shop is that all the money you make from sales, goes straight back into your own pocket, we don’t ask for a percentage and we don’t charge to list your items. The only charge you’ll find on Squnches Craft Network is to list your business on the directory for a mere $5 per month.


~ Sarah

If there is anything more you would like to know or you have ideas as to what you believe could help or improve the Squnches Craft Network website, please feel free to comment.

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